““Personal contact is very important to us, and we like to share our knowledge and expertise.”

Offering a unique and extensive range, we want the world to enjoy our lilies. From our modern establishments in Andijk (the Netherlands), we export top-quality lily bulbs to professional flower growers and bulb importers all over the world.

More than 50 sales countries

Our lilies go to more than fifty countries worldwide. Supplying customers in distant markets is one of De Jong Lelies’ specialities. Australia, Asia and North and South America are our most important export destinations. We also keep an eye on emerging markets such as Vietnam and China.

De Jong Lelies has its own establishment in Australia. The lily bulbs – normally packed in peat moss – go there ‘bare’ and are packed on site. Australia does not permit the import of peat moss. For all other export destinations, De Jong Lelies employs expert sales staff. They try to visit our customers up to three times a year.

Personal contact is very important to us. This enables us to follow developments closely and to see what happens with our lilies locally. Our salesforce likes to join forces with our customers concerning choices related to cultivation and the range of options. Supporting customers goes much further than the sales process itself. We share our knowledge and expertise with our customers.

Customers appreciate De Jong Lelies because of its consistent reliability, distinctive character and face-to-face approach. How do we provide our customers with fresh products all year round? We select the best cultivars, propagate them with the utmost care in both the Netherlands and New Zealand, and buy lilies from carefully selected growers.

Immediately upon arrival, the bulbs are inspected for compliance with strict standards and subject to approval, they are disinfected, packed and stored. The temperature and conditions of the storage units are closely monitored in order to keep the quality of the bulbs optimal over a longer period of time. Only in this manner can customers still count on top-quality products at the time of delivery.

De Jong Lelies

“A strict process of selection, propagation, cultivation, processing and storage guarantees fresh products all year round.”