De Jong Lelies

““With our professional cultivation facility, we can produce in a targeted manner and respond to customer demand.””

In order to produce our own cultivars while guaranteeing optimum quality, De Jong Lelies has its own cultivation facility. This enables us to keep a grip on quality while maintaining a healthy nursery producing scaly bulbs. What’s more, thanks to our own cultivation, we gain an immediate idea of how a cultivar behaves in practice.

The takeover of Ruiter Bloembollen in 2014 enabled us to further professionalise our cultivation activities. The size of the cultivation facility has grown ten-fold from 7 to 70 hectares. This enables us to produce in a more targeted manner and respond effectively to customer demand.

“Thanks to our cultivation operations in New Zealand, we can provide customers with fresh products all year round.”

The production of our lily bulbs takes place mainly in the east of the Netherlands. The provinces of Drenthe, Overijssel and Friesland offer sufficient fertile soil and a warmer climate. This enables us to produce more than 50 hectares of high-quality lilies in the Netherlands. The lily bulbs are processes at our cultivation facility in Andijk.

In addition to production on Dutch soil, we have our own cultivation facilities in New Zealand. This enables us to provide our customers with fresh products all year round. We mainly grow Orientals and OTs – crosses that are generally more difficult to store – in New Zealand. In the meantime, based on our breeding programme, we continue to look for new cultivars, Orientals and OTs that are easy to store.

In order to be able to provide customers with a comprehensive range of options, we also purchase lily bulbs. To this end, we carefully select growers who, like us, are committed to maintaining the highest quality. We often work with these growers for years, so that reliability and flexibility are not just empty concepts.